Leek. 大蒜 .

Selecting Your Leeks


Look for leeks that have long, white stems. The best size for leeks is medium and they should appear crisp.


Prefer leeks that have all or some of the roots still attached. The presence of the roots indicates that the leek is still intact; if the base of the leek has been cut, the flesh begins to dry out.


Avoid buying leeks that are yellowed, split, or which have crispy or wilted leaves. These leeks are not in their prime. If they are on a good special, however, they will do as a soup or stock base.

Preparing Your Leeks


  • Start with the root end. Trim off the roots and the end that joins the roots.


  • Remove the outer leaves that are tough or dry – these leaves are usually a darker green.


  • Hold each leek under running water to flush out the dirt that becomes trapped between the leek leaf layers. It helps if you can fan out the leaves as you wash.

mushroom corn leek

Example of an Asian dish that uses this vegetable: Stir-fried Leeks with Roasted Meat.



Stir-fried Leeks with Vegetables



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