Carrots. 萝卜.

Selecting Your Carrots

Choose carrots that are in good shape. Look for a good, smooth form and a hearty orange colour. Select carrots that still have greens attached, as these tend to keep better and taste fresher. The leaves themselves should be fresh and bright green.


Select young carrots for the most sweetness. Slim early carrots are the sweetest. Note that baby carrots are convenient but not as sweet as the slimmer young carrots. In fact, most baby peeled carrots are larger carrots cut down to size and sold as “baby” carrots.


Avoid choosing carrots with blemishes or cracks, wilting greens, a flabby or rubbery texture, or carrots that have a “sunburned” green area at the tops.

Storing Your Carrots


Remove the greens from your carrot. Greens deplete the carrot of both moisture and nutrients. Use a cutting board and sharp knife to cut the greens from the carrot.


Roll up the carrots up in a sheet of bubble wrap. Use the bubble wrap with the small textured bubbles. The bubble wrap will enable the perfect amount of moisture to stay close to the carrots, but the texture of the bubble wrap will prevent that moisture from gathering right on the surface of the carrots. The bubble wrap will add up to two extra weeks of freshness to your carrots. Plastic bags lead to rotting.


Place your wrapped carrots in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. It is best to use carrots within one to two weeks, as this will provide you with the best nutrients and taste value.


Example of an Asian dish that uses this vegetable: Korean Carrot Salad.




One thought on “Carrots. 萝卜.

  1. Great post. The post is very detailed and I have learnt quite a bit from choosing the right carrots to storing them. However, if bubble wraps are not available, will packing the carrots in a ziplock bag work as well? If carrots are kept in normal plastic bags, how long will it stay fresh in the fridge before rotting?

    – ZhiNing

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