Fermented Broad Bean Paste | Dou Ban Jiang | 豆瓣酱



Firstly the Doubanjiang in sichuan cuisine is broad bean paste which uses broad bean as the main ingredients rather than soy bean chilli paste. And there are two types of Doubanjiang quite popular in China now. One is homemade red oil Doubanjiang; this is quite popular in the housewives’ kitchen. Following is a picture shows the two types of Doubanjiang. elaine Only  people in Sichuan province use broad bean to product this type of paste. And there are people in other provinces of China use soy beans to make their chilli bean paste with a misleading name Doubangjiang too. The most famous one is Pixian Doubanjiang  (Pi Xian Dou Ban) which is produced by generations in Pixian, a small area in Sichuan province. Due to the excellent water sauces and ancestral recipe, Pixian Doubanjiang has its unique flavor and enjoy a high reputation all over China even some parts of the world.


Additionally to the famous Pixian Doubangjiang, common people in Sichuan province also make their own Doubanjiang at home. The homemade Doubanjiang has a simpler process and also nice taste. Generally homemade Doubanjiang is red oil Doubanjiang, which means oil is used in the process. Comparing with Pixian Doubangjiang, homemade red oil usually gets a brighter colour due to the oil used but the former one provides a stronger taste. elaine



The paste, a mixture of ground chilies, fava (broad beans) and salt, is mixed inside a huge trough-like tiled area and then transferred to the clay vessels. It’s covered and left outside in the Sichuan dampness for a year to ferment. Workers circulate from jar to jar, stirring the paste. The air was thick with the intoxicating scent — or stench,  depending on your feelings about Doubanjiang and fermented black beans — of chilies and fermentation.

There are many variations to Doubanjiang. This is just one of the many recipes you can try out.

Doubanjiang | Broad Bean Paste | Homemade Red Oil Doubanjiang
  • 100 oz broad bean
  • 10 oz wheat flour
  • 1 bottle of white wine around 500 ml
  • 9oz salt
  • 50 oz fresh chili pepper (choice the type according to your own reference)
  • 10oz garlic chopped
  • 5 tsp of mixed herb (Anise, Cinnamon, Bay leaf)
  • 20 oz rapeseed oil


  1. Soak the beans in boiling water until the shells become soft. And then peel the broad beans.
  2. Steam the peeled broad beans around 20 minutes with a wok and steamer. Cut into small pieces (around fingernail size).
  3. Then put the broad bean in a container and add white wine, set aside for 18 hours or longer to 24 hours (avoid sunshine)until the broad bean becomes a little bit sticky. Sometimes this process may need two days according to the temperature.
  4. Mix beans with salt and wheat flour. Mix evenly!
  5. Cover the container with clean gauze and put the container under the sun shine and remember to turn it over once every 24 hours. After two days, move the container to a shade place for another week.
  6. Capped fresh pepper and dry the water on surface in the air. Chop it with machine or by hand. (Not too small, with the size around 3cms)
  7. Add chopped garlic, fresh pepper, mixed herbs into the beans dried before. Cover with gauze again and dry under sun shine (usually need 3~5 days) until you can smell the flavor of garlic, pepper and herbs strongly.
  8. Add rapeseed oil into the container and put aside until the color of oil becomes brightly red. If rapeseed oil is not available, please replay the oil with other vegetable seed oil.


The real Doubanjiang is made from broad bean but not soy beans. And the tastes of the two types of pastes are quite different.It is strongly recommend to be eaten after placing at least 15 days. The flavor will becomes stronger.

The Packaging and Storage Conditions & the Usage in Culinary will be continued in the next post.



One thought on “Fermented Broad Bean Paste | Dou Ban Jiang | 豆瓣酱

  1. Great information on the different variety of broadbean paste and hor they are different if soy bean is used! Useful recipe given as well i will definitely try it out!!! Thanks so much!


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