Fermented Broad Bean Paste | Dou Ban Jiang | 豆瓣酱 {Part II}


Doubanjiang can be found in different types of packaging, depending on the different brands available.

It can be found in:

1. Jars

in jar

A common type of packaging.


2. Soft plastic packages

soft plastic packaging

A sturdy airtight plastic pouch wrapped in paper. It is commonly package in this form for countries outside of China, since this is to prevent the doubanjiang from spilling when shipped into other countries.


3. Twine wrapped packages

twine wrapped packages

Another commonly package form for countries outside of China. The difference between packaging in soft plastic and twine wrapped packages is their amount. People who wants to buy in bulk or larger amount will usually buy this type of packaging.


4. Bamboo basket

bamboo package

A unique packaging from the brand Sichuan Dan Dan Seasoning Co Ltd. Inside the basket, it has 2 plastic sachets of the chunky paste and must be decant elsewhere.


If the doubanjiang is in twine wrapped package, transfer the doubanjiang into a jar or air tight container. The doubanjiang can last for an indefinite time in the fridge, provided that it is kept in an air tight container. It can be kept for a long time as it is aseptic. 


Before using the doubanjiang, many people will prefer to chop or mince the paste to be smoother as it tends to be chunky from some large bits of fava bean and chilies that have not entirely broken down during the fermentation process. Alternatively, some people would put the whole batch of doubanjiang into a food processor and blend it till smooth.

Different brands of doubanjiang also has its level of heat and saltiness, so it is advisable to taste and estimate the usage of it in a recipe to suit own preference. Also, it should be used sparingly as adding too much doubanjiang can be overwhelmingly pungent.

Doubanjiang will give a dish an umami attributes & bold flavours. It is also make to flavor oil, by cooking the paste in a heated oil for 1 or 2 minutes until the oil turns red. This oil will then be able to flavor the rest of the food.

Doubanjiang is suitable for stir-fries, braises, hot-pots or any dishes you prefer to add some chilli in it. It is also commonly used in Sichuan cuisine, since the chilli bean paste produced in Pixian county, Chengdu is considered the best.

Doubanjiang are often used in Si Chuan dishes such as:

Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐)


Twice cooked pork (回锅肉)


Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁)

kung pao chicken

Si Chuan eggplant (鱼香茄子)

sichuan egg plant

Si Chuan shredded pork (鱼香肉丝)

shredded pork

Boiled Pork-Sichuan Style (水煮肉片)

boiled pork








Mei Tian.


One thought on “Fermented Broad Bean Paste | Dou Ban Jiang | 豆瓣酱 {Part II}

  1. wow, i did not know that it takes a long process to produce fermented broad bean paste! Not only that, i can now make my own bean paste too. Would like to check is there any differences in the packaging mentioned? like, is there any particular reason for each type of packaging?

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